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Camel meets KEDA

3 minute read

Camel K integrations can leverage KEDA to scale based on the number of incoming events.

Low Code Camel

4 minute read

How Kamelets enable a low code integration experience.

Kamelet Catalog

4 minute read

We’re starting a new initiative at Apache Camel to create a community-driven catalog of reusable Kamelets

Debugging Camel K

3 minute read

What if your Camel K integration does not work as expected? How do you debug it? Well, there’s a “debug” command now…


7 minute read

Kamelets are the most important feature released with Apache Camel K 1.2.0. Apart from their cool name, Kamelets represent a significant change in the whole ...

Camel K 1.0 is here

14 minute read

Apache Camel K has made a lot of progress since its inception and we’re now proud to announce the 1.0 release. We’ve been working hard in the past months to ...

Introducing Camel K

7 minute read

Just few months ago, we were discussing about a new project that we could start as part of Apache Camel. A project with the potential to change the way peop...

The Saga Pattern in Apache Camel

12 minute read

A new enterprise integration pattern has been added to Apache Camel (2.21.0): the “Saga” pattern. This article will show you why, when and how to use it in ...

Logging to a NoSQL DB from Spark

4 minute read

Logging effectively is often a hard task in standard applications. But when the application runs in a distributed environment, for instance, a Spark job in a...

Exception Handling in Apache Spark

3 minute read

Apache Spark is a fantastic framework for writing highly scalable applications. Data and execution code are spread from the driver to tons of worker machine...


Spark-HBase-Connector 1.0.2 is out

less than 1 minute read

The Spark-HBase-Connector project started as a 3-days programming marathon I made last year. At home, with the flu. Now it is becoming one of the most popul...


A Brief History of Big Data

Why everybody talks about Big Data? Where does Hadoop come from? Which steps led to the diffusion of Spark? What’s next?