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Logging to a NoSQL DB from Spark

4 minute read

Logging effectively is often a hard task in standard applications. But when the application runs in a distributed environment, for instance, a Spark job in a...

A Brief History of Big Data

Why everybody talks about Big Data? Where does Hadoop come from? Which steps led to the diffusion of Spark? What’s next?

Spark-HBase-Connector 1.0.2 is out

less than 1 minute read

The Spark-HBase-Connector project started as a 3-days programming marathon I made last year. At home, with the flu. Now it is becoming one of the most popul...

Strategy Pattern using CDI

2 minute read

The strategy pattern is one of the most famous patterns by the GoF and, for sure, one of the most useful in the Java EE world. Implementing it using Context...

Exception Handling in Apache Spark

3 minute read

Apache Spark is a fantastic framework for writing highly scalable applications. Data and execution code are spread from the driver to tons of worker machine...